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"We do not make excuses – we find solutions."
 "We are problem solvers. That is what we are hired to do. Our ability to create solutions in the most difficult of environments is what has gotten us where we are today. Our mission is to maximize value for our suppliers and partners through their scrap programs while keeping them well-serviced. 'Bring me a solution, not a problem' is a quote that we try to always keep in mind when working both internally and with our supplier partners."

Brett Lurie 

"We are in the business of solving problems. We should always focus on the solution first, then attack the cause of the issue to try to prevent a reoccurrence."

James Rokuson

"Problems come and go. We are bound to encounter challenges each and every day. The defining moment in our lives is not about the problems, it’s how we tackle them."

Stephanie Ragans

"Excuses do not equal results. We all hit roadblocks. It’s how you work through the roadblocks. You may not have the solution, but working together to find one is better than giving up. This quote from Harvard Business School professor Linda Hill I saw in Forbes also applies. 'Some people, afraid of not having the right solution in hand, don’t do anything. If there is a problem and you don’t have a solution, don’t just sit around doing nothing, ask for help.' "

Rick Notar

"There are so many components to technology that it is sometimes difficult to find why something is not working. Our IT team will try to identify the root cause of the issue to correct it at the source so that it doesn’t happen again. In the event the issue is beyond our control (i.e., external company email issues, Office 365 problems, etc.), we strive to find a workaround to minimize the impact to our users."

Bill Vogt

"Excuses are not an adequate substitute for results and solutions. Our collective ability to work through challenges and achieve results sets the foundation for the standard of integrity we strive to maintain. We are problem-solvers, not excuse-makers."

Josh Lurie


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