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"We are friendly, kind, and empathic. We give others the benefit of the doubt and assume positive intent."
"People who view the behaviors of others in a positive light and give others the benefit of the doubt  are happier. Treat others as you would like to be treated."

Stephanie Ragans

"It is important to be aware of your self-disposition when dealing with your coworkers and work partners. By acting in this manner, it will afford you trust and the ability to bond with them."

Rick Notar

"Teamwork and morale are so important to our  team's success.  We are focused on making sure everyone is happy and comfortable as part of our company.  Bring kind is so easy to do yet sometimes gets overlooked… we do not want to let that happen here."

Brett Lurie

"This is so true. We should all try to be kind, friendly and empathetic. When I was working on my MBA, one required class was ‘Management Theory.’ On the first day of class, the prof said to us ‘look, we are going to discuss many different leadership and management theories, but here is what I think is the most important thing you will ever learn on how to succeed in business:  Get as many people to like you as possible.’  I think this lines up perfectly with this key fundamental. People respond much better if they feel we are friendly, kind and empathetic.”  

Joe Byrne

"We are all pulling in the same direction on the same team. In order to reach the targets and goals we set for the company, we need to trust that each individual is acting responsibly and we have a welcoming work environment." 

James Rokuson

"Be someone that contributes to a positive working environment. The golden rule of 'do unto others' applies, and is the key to having good relationships with everyone you interact with. If you are initiating communication, keep in mind that your tone will lay the groundwork for the conversation - people will typically respond to you with the same attitude/demeanor that you project. If you receive antagonistic communication, take into account that everyone is experiencing both work and personal stress. Instead of reacting, step back and respond with a friendly, professional tone and de-escalate the conversation."

Bill Vogt


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