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"We foster teamwork. We work collaboratively and help others proactively."
"While we all certainly have our individual to-do lists that keep us plenty busy, we understand and appreciate how important teamwork is to achieving our overall success.  We help each other out, and back one another up when needed, in order to make sure we are progressing toward our overall goals."

Brett Lurie

"In our current industry condition, this is really the only way that we can really survive, thrive and overcome all of the hurdles that everyone  encounters.  Our team has always worked great together, sharing the work load, and backing each other up when the other needs help, wearing multiple hats at a time.  The same goes when helping suppliers and customers – always have a schedule set up in advance with a backup plan to go along with it."

Philip Bellafiore

"Working as a team leads to a healthy, high-functioning workplace. The sharing of ideas and thoughts create a dynamic necessary for the individual and the group to succeed."

Rick Notar

"Teamwork results in synergy in the workplace and promotes an atmosphere where we can learn from each other and do our jobs more efficiently. We are all better at accomplishing goals as a team than we are as individuals.”  

James Rokuson

"We don’t leave our teammates behind.  If we know that somebody is overwhelmed with work or just doesn’t know how to complete a task, we will volunteer to help that person or brainstorm ways to make things more efficient." 

Jessica Rodriguez


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