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"Our people are the key to our success. We will always offer the organizational support to continue to strengthen our greatest resource."
The people in our company will ultimately determine the success or failure of our business. We strive for excellence. To achieve it, we must have the best people. Our people have the right to expect a workplace in which the richness of their lives and experience is welcomed and valued by our team."

Stephanie Ragans

"Taking care of your employees will take care of your business."

Rick Notar

"Since we do not create a product, we rely on our employees to fashion a 'product' of integrity and competency to our customers. It is in the best interest of both WPC and the staff to have an environment that supports and gives opportunities to the employees."

James Rokuson

"It is said that any group is only as strong as its weakest link. Through careful cultivation and a commitment to creating a working environment that fosters individual and team success, it is apparent that our group is as strong as it has ever been. Our greatest asset is our team, and our continued focus on finding new and meaningful resources and support for our team is what will allow us to continue to nurture the special workplace we have created."

Josh Lurie

"We know that we have great leaders in Stu, Brett, and Josh. They set the right tone to be able to attract good people. I have been here a little over four years and I recall in my first month as I met my peers, I was wowed at how many people have worked at WPC for such long periods of time. Many 10+ up to nearly 40 years! I am still a 'rookie.'  People simply like to work for WPC. This can best be seen as we were recognized again as a Great Place to Work, as well as the performance and commitment of our team through this pandemic. We all work very hard and it is always so much easier to do so while also enjoying working. The great environment and atmosphere at WPC come from the top."

Joe Byrne


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