Wilmington Paper Corp.


"We are always available and ready to help,

whether it be for external or internal customers."

"We have Customers and Suppliers and we are our own Customers internally. In all cases our position is the same, whatever we need to do to get the job done is what we do. We don’t say 'we will see what we can do' or 'we will try.' We just say 'yes' and then figure it out and get it done. This attitude is what makes us special and what our Customers and Suppliers truly appreciate about us."

Stuart Lurie

 "I know a lot of companies have what amount to phony slogans. What makes WPC so great (one of many) is that we walk the walk as opposed to just talk."

Joe Byrne

"Our demeanor, whether it is within the company or outside the company creates the tone that we present to the world. There are always times when we get frustrated, angry, or moody. We cannot let those emotions seep into our interactions with others that we work with. So in that vein, the fundamental means to me that by being upbeat and respectful is in all our best interests."

James Rokuson

 "At WPC, we always do 'whatever it takes' to ensure our suppliers are taken care of no matter what - we equally must be responsive to our own team members when they have needs that require our attention. Taking care of 'internal' customers this way helps keep our whole operation moving forward, and it also is a morale boost because it shows that we are dependable and responsive. If we do not take care of internal customers, it can create bottlenecks and friction within our organization that can negatively impact our business."

Josh Lurie


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