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"We say 'good morning,' 'please,' and 'thank you.'""

"Though a seemingly simple act, the impact consistently using this language with our suppliers, customers, and coworkers can undoubtedly have lasting impacts. Greeting our coworkers in the office (or, for now, in our morning Teams meetings) with a 'good morning' is an easy way to acknowledge other and start the day. Using 'please' and 'thank you' is something we were all taught as youngsters, and for good reason – can not only serve as good manners when dealing with others, but they might actually help you get what you are looking for quicker and easier and benefit both sides. Here’s a (Bahamian children’s) poem I found that sums it up nicely as well." 

Good Morning, Please & Thank You Poem  Good morning, please and thank you 
Not very hard to say, 
But little deeds 
Like little words 
Can make or mar your day. 
Say these few words often, 
With a pleasant smile. 
This can lighten many a load and 
Shorten many a mile.

Josh Lurie

 "I think that saying 'good morning,' 'please' and 'thank you' demonstrates that we are not only courteous and professional but also shows the person on the receiving end that we respect them. The value of our team members being respected and respectful cannot be exaggerated."

Joe Byrne

"Saying good morning each day sets a positive tone and opens up the pipeline for discussion and interaction for the day. The basic courtesy of please and thank you is who we are---all these adjectives; courteous, respectful, appreciative, etc."

James Rokuson


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