Wilmington Paper Corp.


"We have each other’s back. We can always count on our teammates to support and defend us."

"Our group already does this so well, and it should be a continued focus moving forward. Knowing that your teammates both in your department and throughout the company will watch your blind spots and do what they can to help make your job easier is a beautiful way to operate. 
This is a good week for all of us to look in the mirror and make sure we personify this in our daily work life."

Brett Lurie

 "What has been very clear to me from darn near the beginning of my time at WPC is that this is a unique team. 'Family' defines us even better, I believe. While 2020 has been a stressful and very busy time, I always know that my WPC teammates will go to bat for me. Likewise, I will for them. That is a wonderful feeling that sadly is rare in a lot of companies."

Joe Byrne

"We are all in the same bunker. When we help one employee, we help all of us."

James Rokuson


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