Wilmington Paper Corp.


"We are honest and trustworthy in our work and our communications."

"We need to be straightforward with people at all times. If somebody makes a mistake be straightforward right away about it and notify everyone involved."

Jessica Rodriguez

"Honesty builds trust in the company and confidence in my leadership. We spend years building loyalty and trust with our suppliers, and the key factor for building that trust is honesty."

Stephanie Ragans

"One of the core principles that WPC operates by is being transparent and trustworthy – it is how we have come to be known throughout the industry, and for good reason. The level of trust we have developed with our most valued suppliers is directly a result of the way we approach our work each and every day. Communicating problems as they arise (instead of sweeping them under the rug or hoping they go away on their own) and finding effective solutions quickly is what separates us from the pack. We also benefit greatly when we know we can trust the efforts of our fellow coworkers. Communicating honestly with our coworkers, knowing we can count on the answers we provide to each other…these are some of the pieces that are integral to our ability to take on new business and service our accounts efficiently."

Josh Lurie

"Honesty allows us correctly look at a situation and evaluate the best outcome. Respect and Honesty with each other should be the backbone of our values."

Rick Notar

“ 'Honesty' and 'trustworthy' go hand in hand; It is difficult, if not impossible, to trust someone who we may not think is honest. In our work, we are all so very busy that we don’t have time to waste on trying to judge if someone is shooting straight with us, and it helps me greatly that I trust all of us at WPC which maximizes efficiency."

Joe Byrne

"These are key fundamentals to who we are to the world outside our office. In our dealings with customers, suppliers, truckers, etc. there is never a question of our honesty and trustworthiness. This, perhaps more than anything we do, has fueled our growth over the last 40 years."

James Rokuson


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