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"We look ahead to anticipate potential problems and solve them proactively."

"In our morning calls, before statement time, we always discuss loads that are pending and need action from our group or other groups so that loads are completed in a timely manner."

Jessica Rodriguez

"The key is to stay organized and ahead of the problems. Proactive employees foresee potential issues and work to find ways to take control them before they become overwhelming problems."

Stephanie Ragans

"Our collective ability to spot trouble at the earliest possible moment – and to address whatever the issue may be head-on – is the key to keeping problems from growing too large. When we are prepared, we exponentially increase our chances of navigating these obstacles seamlessly."

Josh Lurie

"Working to be proactive is becoming more and more important in this ever-changing industry and market that we are in. In order to position ourselves as the best, we need to continue keeping our suppliers ahead of the curve in all aspects of their recycling program. Looking ahead to what issue may be coming and working to get them solved ahead of time is extremely valuable both to the companies that count on us, and the 'internal' customers within the WPC group. A famous old saying that we like to live by is, 'Don’t bring me a problem, bring me a solution.' "

Brett Lurie

"In IT specifically, we are focused on preventing potential issues that can arise from all areas of technology, and it is a critical mission of our team. 
With regard to cybersecurity, we are constantly looking for any possible avenues for hackers to breach our system and we work to ensure our infrastructure is protected with the latest updates for WILD development. We evauate any changes to confirm that enhancements satisfy requests without impacting existing functionality. For any new technology and new processes, we analyze likely user questions and communicate with clear instructions." 

Bill Vogt

"Solving problems and performance are our main tasks each day. By anticipating logistical and financial issues, along with market conditions, we are able to stay ahead of the curve."

James Rokuson


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