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" 'Give me the bad news first, because the good news can’t hurt us.' – We address problems head on and are not afraid to ask for help when needed."

“To put it simply, we are a problem-solving company. So much of what our clients hire us for is to handle their daily problems around their recycling program in the most effective and efficient way possible. We can't shy away from these problems, we attack them head on – that is what we are hired for. Understanding this, we always want to be open and transparent about our issues as quickly as possible so we can work together to solve them."

Brett Lurie 

 "This may be our number one and oldest fundamental. It speaks for itself and goes along with the thought that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Only by confronting issues head-on can all the other fundamentals fall into place."

James Rokuson

"Always deliver bad news honestly, empathetically, and gracefully. We never want our suppliers to ever be caught off guard. Doing things "head-on" is almost always positive. If you have exhausted all potential solutions or you are in over your head, don't be afraid to reach out."

Stephanie Ragans

"While we love to hear good news, we need to hear bad news in a timely manner. Nothing is worse than bad news that is received at the last minute. The more advance notice, the more likely a solution will be able to be had."

Rick Notar

"We want to know of any problems right away so we can plan to fix the issues and engage the right people to help."

Jessica Rodriguez


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