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“We take the time and effort to understand the specific materials in your plant. Your materials are not just a number and a grade to us. We use our knowledge to get you the highest possible price as part of a responsible marketing strategy.

-Brett Lurie, Vice President of Sales

  • We know the markets, we know the industry and we know how plants operate. 
  • Our experience in the industry and our knowledge of the markets and plant processes allow Wilmington Paper brokers to secure the maximum price for all materials responsibly.
  • Wilmington Paper moves close to 1 million tons of materials annually throughout the contiguous 48 states and around the world. 

Contact us now to move your materials rapidly, responsibly and at the highest possible return to you.  

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    • Always working to comprehend the individual demands of our clients’ businesses

    • Learning the process, layout and makeup of each plant 

    • Grading and branding plant materials correctly to ensure maximum deserved value

    • Marketing materials to consuming mills and customers that are best for our clients 

    • Avoiding risk situations to minimize claims on materials through time-tested standards 


    • Timely, accurate and responsive payment process 
    • Real-time, secure reports are available 24/7 
    • Statement-of-payment data instantly trackable
    • Monthly current and archived reports are available securely and accurately 
    • Environmental impact data available on demand
    • Access auditing for secure data monitoring 


    • We avoid back-end claims by responsibly branding materials and marketing those materials specifically to maximize value
    • We understand the legislative variances in each global market enabling us to act correctly on behalf of our customers 


    • As an independent party to the actual movement of goods, we are free to determine the best solution for transportation of materials
    • Our proprietary platform, combined with the expertise of our staff, allows us to provide the most efficient and effective solutions to suit our clients’ needs
    • We secure timely vessel space for your exported materials
    • We help you navigate through the ever-changing shipping dynamics in our industry

    • We resolve any issues at the port in real time  


      • We listen to our customers and act on their vision
      • Our experienced and friendly staff will assist our customers with any waste needs
      • We pride ourselves on our minimum response time
      • We strive to exceed expectations for our customers, clients and partners


          • You can be assured that if a problem or an issue arises, Wilmington Paper will always be available to resolve it in the quickest and most efficient way possible

          Contact Wilmington Paper to move your materials rapidly, responsibly and at the highest possible return.  

          Call: (973) 830-8200

          Direct email:    

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