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THE PROGRAM is a tried and true set of procedures adapted for each partner by maximizing the efficiency with which fiber waste is recycled by arranging its transport from plant to paper mill in a measurable, defined way on a daily basis.



1. Plant Waste Audit to identify and improve current plant practices
2. Custom Action Plan to maximize revenue on all grades of recyclable material
3. Educate Plant Personnel on new procedures to share responsibility
4. Identify and facilitate new equipment solutions

5. Locate a destination for all your scrap at maximum value

To get started in THE PROGRAM, send us an Email or call us: (973) 830-8200


*Enhanced Revenue

*Reduced Trash Hauling Expenses | *Increased Work Flow Efficiency | *Landfill Diversion 


    • We create sustainable and teachable processes which maximize potential revenue within the market for all grades of recyclable paper, plastic, aluminum and film because products deserve it
    • We achieve a high level of efficiency by reducing landfill waste pickup frequency thus lessening the carbon footprint
    • We explore and define the potential to monetize every working square foot of plant


          • We educate plant personnel to manage their individual areas procedurally
          • We share responsibility for implementing THE PROGRAM so all personnel have ownership in its success
          • You will have total control of your plant recyclables and waste train


                  • "Touch it once, touch it right" 
                  • Clear Identification, permanent placement
                  • Comprehensive plant waste audit
                  • Examine waste train 
                  • Superior account management and customer service established from day one  
                  • Full accountability

                      THE PROGRAM PLANT WASTE AUDIT

                      WHAT IS A WASTE AUDIT?

                      • A formal, structured process designed to identify current waste practices and how they can be improved. 

                      SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES

                      • Determine composition and quantities of waste being generated
                      • Collect baseline data for measuring the effectiveness of waste minimization procedures
                      • Measure effectiveness of existing waste management systems
                      • Identify opportunities for improving waste management systems and strategies

                        ULTIMATE GOAL

                        • To determine a defined path to a more efficient and effective plant with reduced waste management costs, maximized scrap revenue and an improved command over deployment of limited resources. 

                        The PROGRAM CUSTOMIZED ACTION PLAN

                        Upon completion of the waste audit, we develop a customized action plan that will allow your business to maximize revenue on all grades of recyclable material while creating a new level of efficiency and moving closer to zero waste to landfill. 

                        • Produce a workflow chart that tracks efficient movement of scrap through the facility 
                        • Standardize your recycling grades to ensure maximum deserved value for all materials 
                        • Recommend plant upgrades including receptacles, equipment, and improved collection techniques
                        • Create opportunities for lower labor costs and highest deserved value for scrap 
                        • Identify and facilitate ideal equipment solutions to fit your needs

                          WILMINGTON PAPER Marketing and Logistics 

                          “Our job is to listen to paper mills to learn what they want and give them what they want as consistently as possible at the highest value back to our suppliers.”

                          -Stuart Lurie, President 

                          • We find a destination for all scrap through our worldwide, long-term relationships with consumers of recyclable material

                          • We create an environment of clear identification, consistent segregation, and physical integrity which results in premium pricing over the long term

                          • Learn more about our Material Marketing

                                THE PROGRAM CONTROLS, MONITORING AND RESULTS 

                                • Through real-time reporting and strategic communication, THE PROGRAM offers your plant administration the ability to track and report results 

                                • Efficient, sustained, measurable and repeatable procedures are defined and implemented for recycling and disposing waste 

                                • Less comingling of different fibers and materials that result in increased supplier revenue

                                To get started in THE PROGRAM, send us an Email or call us: (973) 830-8200

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