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Waste Stream Consulting Program

Wilmington Paper Corp. provides Waste Stream Consulting services for your facilities. We will partner with your facility to develop green, environmentally friendly solutions to manage your waste streams. Using our proven Program we will segregate your waste to maximize its value.

 Your customized Waste Management Plan will address the following mission critical issues:

  • Analysis of current waste stream volumes as percentages of total volume
  • Identification of new target waste stream volumes as percentages of total volume
  • Training for your team on the new waste management plan
  • Creation of both internal (staffing) and external service schedules
  • List of program assets required to efficiently handle the transition in waste stream volume
  • Outline of facility improvements needed to achieve waste management goals, including preliminary site drawings
  • Suggestions for continuous improvement (Enhancement process)
  • Web based communication plan to ensure your organization is informed and knowledgeable about their role in the waste management and reduction process.


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